Thursday, July 1, 2010

BREAKING: Andrew Garfield Is Spider-man


According to Heat Vision, Sony has made up their damn minds about who will be leading the cast of their upcoming Marc Webb directed and James Vanderbilt penned reboot of the Spider-man franchise, and it’s one hell of a choice.

The outlet is reporting that actor Andrew Garfield is set to portray Peter Parker, in what will no doubt be a complete world changer for the relatively unknown actor. Best known for roles in films like the Spike Jonze directed masterpiece of a short, I’m Here, as well as the first film in the fantastic modern noir masterpiece, The Red Riding trilogy, the actor is both the best of the group (which included thespians like Jamie Bell and Logan Lerman), but he’s also one of the oldest, clocking in almost 27 years old, and will be 10 years older than the character which he’s rumored to portray.

This reboot will see Parker reportedly returning to high school, which no matter how baby faced he may be, he definitely doesn’t quite look the part. That said, to me, this is the best they could have done really.

While most of you might not have seen him previously, he is far and away one of his age’s most gifted actors, which truthfully, is something that the role has really been missing, no matter how much of a fan of Maguire I really am. Throw in Marc Webb, and hell, you have one film that I can’t wait to check out.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Now, we have video of the announcement, and apparently Garfield was promoting The Social Network, and literally found out 30 minutes before it was announced. This guy has no idea how his world just changed. Congrats to Garfield, and Sony, you better not mess this one up.

Go see something good!

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