Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pineapple Express...

I hate moviegoers. No, I hate teenage movie goers. I walk into the local Star theatre to watch a screening of Pineapple Express at 9:30, and as I walk over to the screening room, I am followed by the group of people I am with, and a group of about 10-15 teenage guys dressed in Aeropostale tshirts, plaid shorts, and flat brimmed hats. So, right away, I get a really bad feeling, which is inevitably what happens. It was a pretty packed theatre, which could be expected, and of course, I get stuck next to and behind people who have an affinity for texting and talking. That's why I wish, instead of legalizing pot, they need to legalize blow darts so I can take bitches out. Alas, I still saw the film, so here are my thoughts...

Pineapple Express is a stoner chase film (oxymoron, I know), and stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. It is directed by the great David Gordon Green and is about a process server, Dale Denton, who, after a meeting with his dealer, Saul, goes to serve a subpoena to Saul's dealer's dealer, Ted Jones. However, instead of serving the subpoena, he gets served with the sight of a murder. He runs into a couple of cars, and in his rush, leaves a roach of Pineapple Express, which his dealer is the only one in the city to have. This little problem eventually leads to a city wide chase featuring car crashes, exploding buildings, and awkward male bonding. This is a pretty interesting premise, however, does it make it a good film??

Sort of. The best part of this film comes from the lead performances, particularly James Franco. From his look to his delivery, he epitomizes the role, and is probably the best part of this film. Seth is really just playing himself in a way, so it's nothing impressive. Works for the film, but sort of lacking. Also, Danny McBride who plays Red, Saul's dealer, is amazing as well. There are a lot of funny performances in this film. However, it just seems to fall into the realm of convention. It really is just a basic stoner comedy, with some violence thrown in.

It's shot in a skillful way, with many shots stamped to the t with Gordon Green's style, particularly some of the slow mo shots, such as the scene where Saul and Dale sell some weed to a few high school kids. There's even a subtle cameo from the Eddie Rouse, the guy who played Damascus in George Washington. However, I inevitably became bored with the film. It was a tad bit long, a bit redundant and ultimately a conventional film. It's like having three Double Cheeseburgers from Burger King. It fills you up, tastes good, but ultimately makes you feel empty. Empty calories. If you get rid of one or two of the three or four action set pieces, this thing would fly. The interchanges between Saul and Dale, and then Dale, Saul and Red are comedy gold, but these great scenes are ultimately undone by a slow middle, and a conventional storyline.

That all said, McBride, Franco, and the direction of Gordon Green are worth a RENTAL. I wish they just would have dropped the action set pieces, or just one of them, and spent more time with the three friends. Worth a rent...

Pineapple Express: 6.5/10

Alright, I kept the review kind of short, because it is a comedy, and I really want to hear what you guys have to say about it.

Also, I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this summer's slate of films. I am pretty much blockbustered out right now. However, I move into my new apartment on Monday, so not only can you expect more reviews, but more independent reviews. Still, what do you guys think about this summer? Has it been good, or is it to one note?

Go see something good!!!

They want to make a Pineapple Express/Superbad crossover sequel...thoughts?

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