Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This could be big...

Alright, I wrote a post on some news, and one of the articles I talked about was a suit between Warner Brothers and Fox...I was really not clear at all, so here's the article I read...

Nikke Finke reports that a federal judge has denied to dismiss 20th Century Fox’s legal claim on Watchmen. You may remember that they filed a lawsuit back in February claiming that their rights to the DC property still held. They seek an injunction to prevent Warner Bros’ adaptation of Watchmen from being released at all.
And at this point, that federal judge agrees with them.

This shit is not good AT ALL...Thanks to cinematical for the info...

So, this is the gist of it. Fox sued Warner Brothers for allegedly taking a film they had the rights to, and the judge DISMISSED a motion to get rid of these charges, so Fox actually may have a leg to stand on. This is really really not a good thing. What are your thoughts?

Sorry if my last post was a little unclear. If there are any questions on some notes, please, leave a comment. I was in a rush to post, as my internet has been going in and out.

What are your thoughts on this suit? Is it legit, or is Fox playing dirty pool?

Go see something good!

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