Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top 10 Films to look forward to for the rest of the years...the redux...

Hey guys! Now, in honor of this weeks shit filled slate, as Hamlet 2 has been pushed back to next week, I have decided to redo my list of top 10 films to look out for this year. Some trailers have come out, news has been leaked, and dates pushed back for some really big films, so I think this work. You also have my CURRENT top 10 of 2008...so, enjoy, and let the commenting begin. Oh, and really, I don't even want to think of a top 10 to try and make in honor of the biggest release this week, The House Bunny, so screw it if I'm repetative, I get some credence in this case...

10. Max Payne/Appaloosa/RocknRolla (I'm allowed a cheat)
9. Milk
8. Synecdoche, New York
7. Changeling
6. Blindness
5. The Brothers Bloom
4. W
3. The Soloist
2. Burn After Reading
1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

We also have Australia, Baz Lurhmans new film...Bond 22, which is a far better title than Quantum of Solace...and Spike Lee's new film, Miracle at St. Anna...

Alright, so while I take a look forward, let me tell you what I personally have loved this year with my current top 10.

10. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days (kind of a cheat, but it was released in the states in '08, so I'll put it at 10, brilliant film...please, check it out)
9. Tropic Thunder
8. My Blueberry Nights
7. The Visitor
6. Iron Man
5. Wanted
4. In Bruges
3. Funny Games
2. Paranoid Park
1. The Dark Knight

Alright...come back for more news and notes!!

Just watched Kill Bill vol. 1...what a brilliant film...what's your favorite Tarantino film??? Oh, if you've seen them all...rank 'em...

Go see something good!

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  1. Nice '08 list. I still need to see 2 and 9-10.


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