Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up...

Sorry for the late post, I had an opportunity to get out and check out Mirrors, so I did just that, and will have a few thoughts, maybe a review, tomorrow with my news posts...but here is the box office top 10 for this weekend...

1.Tropic Thunder
2.The Dark Knight
3.Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5.Pineapple Express
6.The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
7.Mamma Mia!
8.The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
9.Step Brothers
10.Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Tropic Thunder trounced TDK with a gross, for the weekend, of 26 million, compared to TDK's 16 million bones. It's good to see the years first real solid, wide released comedy get some bank. While In Bruges may be better, TT is a damn good film, with one of my favorite performances of the year from Robert Downey Jr. Also, Mirrors comes in a respectible fourt, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a suprise at number 10.

Here are your noteable DVD releases for this Tuesday...

- The triage of suckage...A) Street Kings B) Hannah Montana Shit Turd 3D C) WORST OF ALL...PROM NIGHT
- Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day...Looks like it could be a cute little film, and the cast looks pretty good, so give it a shot...

- The Life Before Her Eyes
Second film from amazing director Vadim Perelman, whose first film, The House of Sand and Fog is still making me weep, and it stars Uma Thurman who plays a woman who survived a school shooting, and whose guilt is destroying her seemingly perfect life, 20 years later. Please, this is a great director, and it's a great stoyline, so go give this a shot. I know I will.

Finally, we have the theatrical releases...First are the three surefire p.o.s's, The House Bunny, starring Anna Farris as a Playboy Bunny who tries to change some lives...then there is The Rocker, staring Rain Wilson as an aging rocker...and Death Race, the illfaded, blasphemous remake of a favorite, classic film of mine, Death Race 2000. Please, if you want to see DR, check out DR2000 first. It's a great film, its campy, and most importantly, it's just a great time, with some political statements too.

That pile of shit aside, we also have the middle of the road sports formula film, The Longshots, starring Ice Cube, and the AMAZINGLY HILLARIOUS looking Hamlet 2, which is the film you will be reading a review of here come this weekend. Steve Coogan plays a drama teacher looking to make a sequel to Hamlet, starring Hamlet, and Jesus. Sounds awesome, the trailer's amazing, and the cast is too. You need to check it out.

So, sometime this week, you can expect my thoughts on Mirrors, maybe a review of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Hamlet 2, along with some recomendations, a top 10, and some news and notes.

Go see something good!

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