Thursday, March 20, 2008

Charlie Bartlett...

Hey guys. Now, this flick has been out for a while, but, I just really didn't ever want to see it. However, I went out for dinner with some freinds, and we decided to go check this out. Was it worth it?

Sure. Charlie Bartlett is a story of a wealthy kid by the same name, and he has had trouble fitting in at every school he's ever been to. He goes to a public school, where he meets a drug dealer. They spark a "buisness relationship" and they begin pedeling pills that Charlie recieves through his therapy sessions. He catches the eye of the cute indie chick Susan Gardner, and catches heat from her father, Principal Gardner. Now, there is a second story line with him. Mr. Gardner was a former history teacher, who was promoted to Principal. Since then, his wife has had an affair, and he was sent to therapy for running around with a pistol threatening to killing himself. His life is in shambles. Now, with his drug dealing, Charlie becomes the hit of the school, and holds sessions in the mens bathroom. He also is an inspiration for other students to start fighting the authorities at the school. This doesn't sit well with the Principal and then the final straw comes, and a kid O.D's. From there on...well, just see it for yourself sometime.

Is this movie good. In most ways, yes. The main comparison to this flick is Rushmore. Now, I even have a hard time saying those two in the same sentence, so, I would say go see that first. However, this is a good little movie. Charlie is played by 19 year old Anton Yelchin, and I must say, I am excited to see what he does next. He gives a great performance. Hope Davis also gives a good performance as Charlie's mother. There is no better performances than that of Principal Gardner, and his daughter, Susan. Susan is played by the sexy Kat Dennings, probably most famous for being the daughter to the love interest of Steve Carrell in 40 Year Old Virgin, and she gives a really good performance. She is just sweet enough, and she is just vunerable enough to give a good change of feel from the often times goofy and outspoken Charlie. None shine brighter than Robert Downey Jr. as the principal however. He is amazing, and shows once again why he is one of the better actors, let alone comidic actors working today. He is just amazing. No better way to put it. However, there are a few flaws.

This movie is indeed good. Not great, but good. It was funny, and I was actually really in to it for a while there near the end. However, after the kid O.D.'s, everything really just raps up into almost an after school special kind of deal. It was just to cookie cutter. Also, the middle kind of lagged. While it was funny to see all of the kids talk about their problems, I would have liked to have seen more of the Robert Downey Jr. character, and his interaction with his daughter. If I were to remake this, I would have more of a pair of parallel stories, instead of just tossing one as almost a sidebar. Also, I liked Anton Yelchin's performance as Charlie, but I have seen an out of place school kid before, in Rushmore, and played much more believably by Jason Schwartzman. I know it's not fair to base my review of one movie on another, but if you have seen Rushmore, than you will understand where I come from. I also can see comparisons to Orange County, although I think Bartlett is a better film. Now, I do recomend this, however, I can see where people may not like the character. If that is true, than you will really hate this film. Charlie is really outspoken, and Yelchin really does play it well, but it may just be to much. All of this said, there really isn't much better out right now, and hey, it's a solid three in a half star, 7/10 flick, so check it out!

Go see something good...

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