Monday, March 31, 2008

Some big news...a couple of recomendations...

Okay, today brings a pretty big news item. SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) have split over negotiations for a new contract. This is not good news, and it is now looking like there may be a possible actors strike coming up in the coming months, and negotiations are done until late April. I don't know what either side really wants, so I have no opinion worth noting, just the fact that this shit needs to get done and fast. Hopefully it can, and hopefully it will.On to happier news...

-Gears of War fans can rejoice, as it is likely that a film based on the best selling game will be released in 2010. Not much is out, so that's all I can really say right now...Now, I've never played the game...not the biggest video gamer...but, from what I hear, the game is awesome so I am intrigued.

Other than that...there really isn't much. So...I would recomend that you go check out a couple of flicks...

Film noir set in highschool. It is a story about a young guy played amazingly by Joseph Gordon Levitt, who hunts after the story behind an old flames mysterious death. Drugs, stylized dialouge, and a minivan with a coffee table. Go check this out for sure. And if you do, let me know what ya think!

I seem to always bring this up, but it really is just an amazing film. It is out in a wide DVD release, so you all should be able to check this out, and you all should. It's the semi-sequel to the brilliant In The Mood For Love, and is from director Wong Kar Wai, who directed a film I recomended yesturday, My Blueberry Nights. I am just going to say that this may be the most gorgeous romantic film I have ever seen. It's really great. Go check that out...

Now, go see something good!!

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