Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Box releases...

Here is the weekend Box Office top 10...


2.Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who

3.Superhero Movie

4.Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

5.Drillbit Taylor


7.10,000 B.C.


9.College Road Trip

10.The Bank Job

New Upcoming releases for Friday, April 4th... George Clooney film about an aging football player (Clooney), and a hot young star who is drafted to his team (Krasinski) and how they fight to win the affection of a gorgeous young journalist, played by Rene Zelwegger...Clooney directs...go check it out.

-Shine A Light...documentary about the Rolling Stones from acclaimed director, Martin Scorcese. If any of you have seen No Direction Home or Lightning in a Bottle, thatn you know what to expect from this doc. Scorcese loves the Stones, and I'm sure it will show it what is sure to be a great film.

-Nim's Island...moving on

-The Ruins...moving on

~Pick of the Week~

My Blueberry film from 2046 and In The Mood For Love director Wong Kar Wai. If any of you have seen those films, than you know what to expect from's a cross country story of a girl, played by Norah Jones, who goes on a soul searching journey...go see this, it's one of the best looking films i've seen all year, and it's not a perfect movie, but outside of Paranoid Park, it's the best film I've seen all year...

Two new DVD releases...
-Alvin and The Chipmunks...whatever
-Sweeny Todd...Good movie, and a solid musical...Johnny Depp is amazing, and the movie is really solid. Worth a rental, not a buy as you all need to save money for next week...more on that as the week goes on...

now, go see something good!

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