Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Box Offices...New Releases...

Here is the final Easter weekend box office rankings...
1.Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
2.Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
4.Drillbit Taylor
5.10,000 B.C.
6.Never Back Down
7.College Road Trip
8.The Bank Job
9.Vantage Point
10.Under The Same Moon

Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears A Who raked in 25$ Million, bringing it's 2 week total to roughly 86.5$ Million...Tyler Perry comes in with 21 Million and beats out a horror AND a Owen Wilson flick...Go see the Bank Job...go check out Under the Same Moon...hear it's pretty decent...

Here are the notable new releases on DVD for March 25th...

-Pu-239...Paddy Consandine is in this flick...thats worth the price of a rental at least...
-Wristcutters:A Love Story...really interesting movie premise...a guy kills himself and goes to a place made especially for suicide victims (don't know what else to call them...)...Tom Waits is in this...go rent it...I know I will
-The Kite Runner...based on the Best Selling novel...rentable..

-The Mist-
This is a film from Frank Darabont, director of the Shawshank Redemption and is based on the Stephen King, the special effects are corny, and some of the acting is off, but this all works in this movie. It adds to it in a weird way. This is a movie that shouldn't be it for five days, watch it with some freinds, and it's gauranteed that you will have a good time.

Now, here are the new releases that are going wide as of March 28th...

-Run, Fatboy, Run...worth a shot. Don't expect anything amazing. It's funny, but is horribly predictable in a sports/romantic comedy way. It is really funny, but not much more. I would say wait and rent it. Read my review of it to get my full thoughts...
-Superhero Movie...Really, was Meet The Spartans that well recieved...if you see this, you deserve to die...or at least to be stuck with 30 more of these piles of drek.
-Stop Loss. You know what, I actually now want to see it. I love Jospeh Gordon Levitt, and it's from the director of Girls Don't Cry, so it's at least got to have a little bit of edge to it. I say see it.

~My Pick~

Based on the novel Bringing Down the House based on a true story of some students from M.I.T. going to Vegas and winning insane sums of money by counting cards...Jim Sturgess is enough to get me into this. It's from the Director of Legally Blonde and Monster In Law, so I am a little bit tentative on saying if it will be good. However, I like the idea, I like Kevin Spacey, and I like Sturgess, so I think it will be solid. Stop Loss is said to be amazing, so see them both...sneak into Stop Loss, pay to see 21.

I'll have a top 10 on Monday, and hopefully a review of Funny Games or 88 Minutes then too...

Now, go see something good...

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