Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A few random notes...

Hey! Here are just a few little bits of news that I think you should check out...

For all you Boondock Saints fans, your flick is getting a sequel. Over St. Patricks day, Troy Duffy, director of the original Boondock Saints, said that a sequel is in the works. All of the original cast, minus Willem Dafoe, are expected to return to the sequel. I could not be more excited...

The Wachowski Brothers, best known for the Matrix trilogy (Bound is also a really great flick. It's on IFC all the time, check it out sometime), are developing a kung fu flick with Collin Chou, Seraph from the last two Matrix flicks. Wow, talk about one demension directors...Speed Racer looks like the biggest pile of crap too...hopefully so bad it's good...

Peter Berg (director of The Kingdom, he was also one of the two people hanging out with Ben Affleck in Smokin' Aces) is set to direct a remake of Dune. Dune, which stared Sting and was directed by the brilliant and pretty much insane David Lynch, came out in 1984 to really shitty reviews. It's not the greatest film, but it wasn't Lynch's view either. He didn't even want his name put on the damn thing. So, I am pretty excited to see this. I like Berg, and I hear the Kingdom is alright, so, I am kind of into this...not the biggest fan of remakes, but in this case, it'll hopefully improve on the original, and in that case, it's fine by me.

Just a few things I thought you guys may like to know...comment away, and I'll keep you all posted on these, and other stories...go see something good!

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  1. this has nothing in regards to your wonderful writing but i just wanted to say hey.

    love ya bro


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