Friday, February 27, 2009

NEWS: Green Lantern to Go Young?

It looks like Warner Brothers may be back to their old tricks in having a completely mind boggling idea for a potential tentpole franchise. Screenrant is reporting, through LatinoReview, that Charlie Bartlett himself may take on the green and black tights...

Just when the Green Lantern movie was starting to sound cool - epic script and Martin Campbell as director, comes a rumor that is NOT good news. It seems that for some bizarre reason, Warner Bros. wants to go “young” on the Green Lantern movie. The word from Latino Review is that one actor being considered to wear the emerald and black tights is:

Anton Yelchin.

This just really beats me. This makes little to no sense, and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise for people who know more about the background of WB and their attempts to get other DC characters to the big screen. However, with what is sounding like one hell of a script, and Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell behind the lens, I still have a lot of faith in my second favorite superhero.

What are your thoughts?

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