Monday, February 23, 2009

NEWS: Oscars Recap...

Sorry for the late post, but in between my insane man love for one Hugh Jackman and my insane love for a certain beverage that sounds like what a grandmother would call a booty, I didn't really have the mental capacity or the time or will to do a live blog/tweet. Amazing people + Fun atmosphere = not a great setting for a live tweet. Sorry guys, but here is my recap...


And here are some of my thoughts...

- I LOVED the production of this show. There was a flub in the beginning, but it ran smoothly otherwise...
- The five piece presenters for the four major acting categories was stunning. It was a classy thing to do, and gave some scope and a bit of grandiosity to the otherwise standard Academy Awards
- Hugh is a god, and by that I mean I would make love to him, and then let him dance and host something for me. He won an Emmy for his Tony Award hosting, and he was really great here.
-Ryan Seacrest is a douchebag
- The pre-shows are the biggest pieces of crap ever. It's cliche to say, but this year just seemed to really amp up the tooliness. ESPECIALLY when people were interviewing the cast of Slumdog. We really saw what it sounds like to come off American.
- Anne Hathaway is the love of my life. Sorry, but if any of you like her, get off, she's mine. I'll fight to the death for her. That dress she wore was the fashion highlight of the night
- Meryl Streep could be the mouse you are using to scroll down my post, and you wouldn't even know
- It was a very straightforward award show, with very few surprises. Maybe it's just because I read more about who people were picking this year, but it seems like last year was much more wide open then this one.
-Finally, congrats to Slumdog. I've been harsh on it this year, but it really is a great film, one of the 15 best from last year, and is probably the best story. It was set to be released straight to DVD, and now seeing it win Best Picture is really great. Congratulations.

Go see something good!

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