Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NEWS: A Tiny Note on The Next Batman Film...

So, it's been quite a while (about two weeks) since our last piece of news on the next Batman film, and today has seemed to change that.

IGN is now reporting that at this moment, the only screenwriter attached to The Next Batman Film as /Film so greatly put it (they say that Batman films began before Begins, so it's not Batman 3), is Mr. Chris Nolan.

Studios and guild members are required to submit work lists to the guilds of the projects that they are on. IGN has learned that a work list from Warner Bros. was submitted last week listing Christopher Nolan as the sole screenwriter on Batman 3.

From what we've learned, The Dark Knight's Jonathan Nolan or David Goyer aren't officially involved in the script phase as of yet.

So, while the film is still in the most bare stages, as a story hasn't even been created yet (at least that we know of), this is a true final lock to Nolan's involvement in the project, which if the film is to succeed, is mandatory.

Also, in smaller news, it looks like the deal that was struck by WB for Nolan's next film, Inception, has a "Batman clause", stating that he will indeed be helming the second sequel to Batman Begins. Inception is set for a release in 2010, and is in pre-production if IMDB is to be believed...

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