Saturday, February 7, 2009

TRAILER: Observe and Report Red Band Trailer...

I don't know how to break this to you all, but I'm not a Seth Rogen fan. Sure, the guy is really funny, but as a leading man, I still think he is a little lacking. Take Pineapple Express for example. It was his second true staring vehicle (Knocked Up was his lead debut, and that wasn't to high on my list), and he was funny, but I felt really one note. He was a lead character in dialogue, but second fiddle to James Franco's hilarious turn, and this film looks to be his next attempt. However, the pedigree isn't all that bad.

As compared to Judd Apatow, who I also think is a tad bit overrated (He's simply doing bigger budget Kevin Smith films), the recent attempt to take Apatow produced films and give them solid directors has seemed more fruitful. First was Superbad, helmed by Greg Mattola, and while I also wasn't a huge fan of that, I think it's vastly superior to Knocked Up and the 40 Year Old Virgin. Then you have the aforementioned Pineapple Express, with indie god David Gordon Green, which bred the best Apatow film to date. Sure there was Zohan and Drillbit, but we will throw those two out.

Observe and Report looks to continue the streak, as it is being directed by the director of the horrifically under seen comic gem, The Fist Foot Way, Jody Hill. That fact alone has me wanting to see this film, and seeing this trailer, while it really doesn't do anything to make me want to see it, it doesn't turn me off from the film, which is what Apatow productions have been wan to do. What are your thoughts?

Here is the synopsis...

The dark comedy stars Seth Rogen as Ronnie Barnhardt, head of security at the Forest Ridge Mall who dreams of being a real cop. “His delusions of grandeur are put to the test when the mall is struck by a flasher. Driven to protect and serve the mall and its patrons, Ronnie seizes the opportunity to showcase his underappreciated law enforcement talents on a grand scale, hoping his solution of this crime will earn a coveted spot at the police academy and the heart of his elusive dream girl Brandi, the hot make-up counter clerk who won’t give him the time of day. But his single-minded pursuit of glory launches a turf war with the equally competitive Detective Harrison of the Conway Police, and Ronnie is confronted with the challenge of not only catching the flasher, but getting him before the real cops do.” Anna Faris, Michael Pena and Ray Liotta co-star.

Go see something good!

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