Sunday, February 1, 2009

VIDEO: Broken Flowers On Hulu...

Thanks to /Film for this awesome heads up. It looks like the people over at Hulu, aside from continually posting the newest episodes of Fringe, my favorite television show, also happen to post some of the most interesting films to their awesome website. Today, they have just posted the 2005 Jim Jarmusch film, Broken Flowers, which features Bill Murry "as a man named Don who is dumped by his latest girlfriend and receives an anonymous pink letter informing him that he has a son. Don must examine his past relationships and goes on a cross-country search to try to figure out which of his old flames might be the mother." It's one of the rare glimpses into what Bill Murray could be if he did more work, and with better film makers. Sure, Life Aquatic was great (am I the only one that thinks so?) but aside from Lost In Translation, this may be one of my favorite modern Bill Murray roles. Check the film out below!

Go see something good!

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