Monday, May 18, 2009

NEWS: Fringe Gets Its Renewal, But There's A Catch...

Looks like this Fall season will see me hitting up Hulu more than I should.

Last week, we got word that Fox would be not only bringing back Dollhouse, Lie To Me, but also it's highest rated new show, and the highest rated freshman show on TV, Fringe. However, the news also brought us the news that the time slot that Fringe would be living in would be drastically changed.

Instead of owning the Tuesday night slot, it appears that Fox will be moving the show to the hottest and most contested slot on the schedule, Thursday's at 9 p.m.

Yes, you heard me, fans of Fringe will have to make a choice. Fringe will go head to head against Grey's Anatomy (which also had a stellar season finale), CSI, The Office, 30 Rock, and Supernatural. The cooking show, Hell's Kitchen was shown in that slot the last two years, but those shows have yet to appear on Fox's preumptive schedule.

Sure, Fringe held its own against Idol and The Mentalist, and it had a brilliant finale, yet, it will still be a tough test for J.J. Abrams newest series.

What do YOU think will happen in this slot. Give me an order of ratings, from the show that gets the highest, to the lowest.

Go see something good!

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