Monday, May 18, 2009

TRAILER: Sherlock Holmes...

The first trailer for Guy Ritchie's new film, Sherlock Holmes has been released, and it is rather interesting, which is a bit of a mixed bag.

The film stars Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character, and co-stars Jude Law as Dr. John Watson, Rachel McAdams plays Holmes’ love-interest, Irene Adler. It features all of Guy Ritchies stylistic quircks, the dutch angles, the slow mo, the dry witty humor, and while it is a fun trailer, it's just not what I expect in a Sherlock Holmes film.

Yes, it is a Guy Ritchie film, and I know that, but it is just a bit jarring. That said, I think this film looks AMAZING. Not a Holmes film really, but I have no relationship with the subject matter, so it doesn't matter to me. It looks like Ritchie has hit this out of my personal ballpark. His style, along with that great cast, make this film one to look out for.

In a dynamic new portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous characters, "Sherlock Holmes" sends Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson on their latest challenge. Revealing fighting skills as lethal as his legendary intellect, Holmes will battle as never before to bring down a new nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy the country.

Sherlock Holmes is directed and written by Guy Ritche, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams.

Go see something good!

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