Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEWS: Jarvis Cocker Does Some Music For Wes Anderson's Fox...

As reported by Pitchfork about a year ago, the brilliant musician has been recording music for the much anticipated adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic book, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, directed by Wes Anderson.

Well, more details about his contributions have been released, and they have me insanely intrigued.

Accourding to the Times, Cocker actually wrote a tune WITH Anderson himself. It's been described as "a little hoedown number", by the man himself, and in the article, it is also reported that Cocker will have a role in the animated film. He will play, well, voice the character of Petey, which has been described as a "mandolin-strumming puppet who looks and sounds like his real-life counterpart."

I'm beyond intrigued by this news. I hadn't really listened to much of the guys music before this news was released, but since then I have been on a tear checking out his YouTube videos, and must say, this is a perfect fit for a Wes Anderson film.

As a side note, it was also reported that due to his accent, U.S. test screening audiences didn't care to much for his apparent narration in the film, so his bit of narration has allegedly been redone. Like Pitchfork, I too could not be more proud of the United States...

Here's the video for one of Cocker's songs, called Running The World.

Go see something good!

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