Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Mama

Hey guys! Now, after I saw Barack Obama in GR, a couple of friends and I decided that we should do dinner and a movie. We had amazing food at Logan’s Roadhouse, and then decided to plop down and watch Baby Mama. Here is my review.

Baby Mama is a buddy comedy starring the hilarious duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and is a story of Kate Holbrook (Fey) and her quest to become pregnant. She is a talented and successful businesswoman and is climbing the ranks of the health food company that she works at headed up by the vegan CEO Barry (played hilariously by Steve Martin). She becomes head of a store's development, and could not be happier. However, she discovers that she has a "T shaped uterus" thus making the chances of her conceiving 1 in a million. She decides to try other options. She can't adopt (although it's never shown why, other than it takes a long time) and eventually a surrogate mother. However, the surrogate that she chooses, Angie (Poehler), is doping her and possibly her husband Carl, and hilarity ensues...

Most of the time at least. The film is a predictable girl buddy film. The performances here are really solid. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are historic members of the SNL cast (Fey is the first female head writer, and the duo is the first all female Weekend Update cast), and they were perfectly off of each other in this film. Their interchanges are really funny, if often times predictable. However, the true person to watch in this film is Steve Martin who plays the earthy boss of Kate at her organic food conglomerate. He is so off the wall in his role, yet in a natural way. Kind of like the boss in Grandma's Boy, just more funny. However, as with every comedy, this film is not something special to look at, and everything is simply a matter of taste. But, with my taste, it was solid, but with some problems, mainly the script.

The opening ten minutes or so were really bad, and it was only involving Tina Fey. Then Amy Poehler came in, the film picked up, but then the two would go separate ways, and the movie would lag. The point I'm getting at is that, I personally think that the two really just played off of each other, and just had the script as a very loose outline, just as most great comedians do. They do what the Frat Pack does, and just kind of riff, but then they go alone, and the two stick more to this really basic and weak script. The normally solid Greg Kinnear was also really bad here. The relationship between he and Fey is really not there, and you could never see why such a sweet and successful woman like Kate, would ever fall for the owner of the small town business, but without the business. His performance is lackluster, and so is Dax Sheppard's but that's expected.

This is a perfect date movie, and is probably a quadrillion times better than Made of Honor. It's a weird mix of sweetness and then a little raunch. I would say, if you are with your significant other, give this a shot. It's a solid romantic comedy, without a ton of romance, but just as predictable.

Alright guys, come back later for a top 10!

Go see something good!!

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