Sunday, May 11, 2008

Box Office...

Here's the final tally for this weekends box office...

1.Iron Man
2.Speed Racer
3.What Happens in Vegas
4.Made of Honor
5.Baby Mama
6.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
7.Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
8.The Forbidden Kingdom
9.Nim's Island

Redbelt! Mamet in the top 10! Good work guys! Iron Man made another 50 million dollars, with Speedy only getting a loely 20 mil...can you say fiasco?

Now here are the notable DVD releases for this Tuesday, the 13th...

Wow...actually, there really is nothing to note. We do have three mediocre movies with The Great Debaters (worth seeing for Whitaker alone), Untraceable (a ridiculous torture film), and Youth Without Youth (a really interesting failure. Worth a rental). Outside of that we have Mad Money. Just go back and read my review of that movie to truly understand where I come out on that. What a piece of drek...stay away. If I had to recomend one, go check out Youth Without Youth. It's a really interesting film, if flawed. Give that a shot.

It's summertime, so we have one new major release this week, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I never read the book, so I really don't understand anything behind it (never saw the first film either), all I do know is that if you like yourself some heavy handed religious alagories, than check it out. I know I'll be checking out Redbelt. It's a small little film staring Chiwetel Ejiefor, and comes from director/writer/playwrite David Mamet. If any of you have seen a Mamet film, than you can understand why this could be interesting. It's a Mixed Martial Arts film, and looks really interesting. Go give this flick a shot.

There's no news to report, so thats all for tonight. Come back tomorow for some news and notes. Go see something good!!!

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