Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some news...upcoming reviews...

Hey guys! Here are just a few tidbits of news from today...

- Robert Rodriguez is shopping around a TV show, called Women In Chains...thanks to Comingsoon for this piece of info...

Director Robert Rodriguez is shopping around “Women in Chains!” a violent drama set at a woman’s prison starring his fiancee, Rose McGowan. The spec script, written by Josh Miller and Mark Fortin, has been sent to a number of networks, including NBC and FX.

McGowan is set play one of five chained women at the center of the show, which Rodriguez is expected to direct. The two first worked together on last year’s “Planet Terror,” Rodriguez’s homage to 1970s exploitation flicks.

- Here are two sweet ass covers for this months Empire Magazine...

- Rumors have been circulating, that since Sony reuped their deal with Marvel and the Spidey franchise, and that the cast has all but said they will not do a fourth, that Patrick Fugit (you know, the kid from Almost Famous), is at the top of the list to take over the series...hmmm....

ALRIGHT! So, since I finally sent in my netflix movie after about a month and a purchase of a copy of the said DVD (Romeo + Juliet), I will start reviewing the movies I get. So, as of right now, this is the next 5 DVD reviews you will see on I Are Movies (barring any interesting rentals...)

Schizopolis (This Friday)
M (This one is tentative...not 100% of what movie will fit this slot...maybe Solaris...)
Blue Velvet
In The Bedroom

(I have to get my indie fix...all I've seen lately is summer movie after summer movie)

Speaking of which! Friday I will be getting a chance to see The Strangers, so expect a full review of that on Saturday...

Go see something good!

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