Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here's a question...

I was watching G4 tonight, and saw something very interesting, and not really normal. Controversy surrounding a Grand Theft Auto videogame. Now, everyone around an Xbox, or PS3 has played this game, and it's a really amazing game. Also, it's sold over 500 Million bucks, so that counts for something. However, the controversy is something okay, in a sense. It's over something that I hold close to my heart. Reviews. had gained rights to an exclusive review of GTA4, after the publisher, Rockstar Games, forced a very strict embargo on the rest of the industry. Now, this brings up a question. Film reviewers get DVD screeners in the mail the Tuesday before the wide release, and in some cases, weeks in advance. I am not so lucky, and in this day of blogs and the death of press, are exclusive reviews something that should be able to be done, or should these not be allowed? Are early reviews fine? I will withhold my opinion for a while, to see what you guys think...

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