Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BIG news...

Hey guys. Here are some really BIG pieces of news that have come out today...

-As reported here, Donnie Darko is getting a sequel, but the FIRST POSTER is out...it's an in production poster, but still, it's proof that the end of days is indeed coming...check it out, and prepare for the Apocalypse (I mean, wasn't one of the plagues a plague of shitty movies?)

-The first trailer for the newest X-Files movie is online now...check it out!

-Bruce Willis may star as Hannibal in the upcoming A-Team film...
-Brad Pitt as Thor? Now that Snatch producer Matthew Vaughn is out, this is not such a surefire thing. Although, for WWE fans, WWE Superstar Triple H is one of the people being considered. He IS big enough and kinda looks like him...He's also quite funny, whatever that counts for. This may work, but don't hold your breath. Brad Pitt is likely the frontrunner, and Marvel, with the release and complete monster intake it took from Iron Man can afford him...more on this as it develops!
-Also! Mel Gibson is in the running to take the helm of this superhero flick...what do you guys think?
-Frank Miller is NOT directing Buck Rogers, as reported here last week...he has since then backed out...

More news tomorow!

Go see something good!

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