Monday, May 19, 2008

Just some news...

Hey guys! Here are just a few nuggets of info for your brains...

-A new Tropic Thunder trailer is out now...I'm really stoked for this flick...Downey Jr. as a black man! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

-Patsy Swazye is going to star in Point Break 2...
-Michael Moore has begun to discuss his new film, While America's a bit of an interview at
The Los Angeles Times spoke with Moore and learned the actual working title for the film is While America Slept and will offer a withering look at America’s global conduct and reputation. “We have a big, big mess, and I don’t know if it can be cleaned up. The toxicity of the spill is just that great,” Moore told the LA Times. “Since I made Fahrenheit, our standing in the world had depleted to an even worse state.”

He was reluctant to reveal anything else because he wants “to be able to finish.” Apparently early details about Sicko gave health care companies an advantage — the filmmaker promises that his next movie will be “dangerous.” The main question Moore’s film intends to ask is “Are we at the points where the Romans were?”

-A new Dark Knight poster is's pretty B.A....

- George Lucas has said that he is up for an Indy 5...what do you think??

That's about it...go see something good!!!!!!!

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