Monday, May 12, 2008

Some news...

Hey guys! Here are some little tidbits that I thought were interesting while scouring the world that we call the Internet...

-Steven Spielberg's next film after Tintin WILL be Lincoln, a biopic on the great president...
-Death Race 2000 remake, Death Race, has had it's release date pushed up from September 26th, to August 22nd...
-Check out Iron Man again, and this time, look around a little bit, you MAY just catch a glimpse of a patriotic heroe's trademark's not certain, but it's a fun little thing. Go check it out for yourself!
-Oh, speaking of rumors, theres another one surrounding The Incredible Hulk. Stay after the credits for this flick too, as Samuel L. Jackson may just make another appearence. It's just a rumor now, more on it later!

Thats it for now, so come back later for more news, and if you have a top 10 you want to see, just comment!

Go see something good!

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