Thursday, October 30, 2008

FORUM: How Should The Man of Steel Be Handled?

So yesterday, in an interview with Empire Magazine, Mark Millar, famous comic book writer most famous for creating the graphic novel Wanted, described a pitch that he and a "big name director" have been working on for a potential 8 hour Superman Epic...Thanks to /film for the info...

“It’s gonna be like Michael Corleone in the Godfather films, the entire story from beginning to end, you see where he starts, how he becomes who he becomes, and where that takes him. The Dark Knight showed you can take a comic book property and make a serious film, and I think the studios are ready to listen to bigger ideas now.”

And the ending of the trilogy...

“I want to start on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers.”

Now, I DOUBT that Warner Brothers, the current owner of the Superman rights, would ever let a film end with such a franchise killing ending. ESPECIALLY when that franchise happens to be Superman.

That all said, this is exactly the kind of mentality I want in someone working on Superman. He's an epic character with an amazing storyline, and if they go the route I have heard rumors they want to, with the Death of Superman storyline, we are looking at what, if done right, could be one hell of a great time.

Now here's where I want the discussion to come. When talking about superhero films in general, what makes you interested in seeing one? Take the Dark Knight or Batman Begins for example. What made you interested in seeing either of those films? Is it the more dark feel, or is it the fact that the hero is in a realm of reality? Can Superman be as successful?

That's what I've got for now, so come back later for more movie news and a review of Zach and Miri Make A Porno...

Go see something good!

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  1. I don't know if you've ever read anything by Mark Millar, but if not I would highly recommend checking out his series The Ultimates. It's a 13-issue more modern take on the origin of the Avengers, and it's what I hope they use as inspiration for the Avengers movie. If you can't find the two paperbacks that collect the story at your local library, there's also a beautiful hardcover collection that you can get for $20 on Amazon.


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