Thursday, October 23, 2008

NEWS: Gran Torino, Ben Stiller, and Terminator 4...

Hey guys! Here are your headlines for this Thursday, the 23rd of October...

- It looks as though Speilberg has dropped out of the film, The Trial of The Chicago 7, a film about the 1968 riots outside of the Democratic Convention...However, a director has been found to take over, and it is none other than Ben Stiller. Paul Greengrass, director of United 93 and the last two Bourne films, was originally tapped for the project, but it seems like Stiller will take over the film. Thoughts?

- Brilliant actor Javier Bardem, has signed on to star in the upcoming film from 21 Grams/Babel/Amores Perros director Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu, called Biutiful...Thanks to the guys over at /film for the info...

Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men) will star in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s (21 Grams, Babel) Biutiful, which begins shooting in Barcelona next week. Inarritu wrote the script himself, his first stand alone effort after much-publicized break-up with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga.

According to Variety, Spanish-language film is about “a man embroiled in shady dealings who is confronted by a childhood friend, now a policeman.” Argentine actress Maricel Álvarez is also rumored to be involved with the project. Rodrigo Prieto will return as director of photography. Prieto was the cinematographer on all Inarritu’s films, Brokeback Mountain, 25th Hour, 8 Mile and Frida. The music will be composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, Academy Award Winner for Brokeback Mountain and Babel.

This actually may be more interesting to me than any film, outside of Watchmen, that should be released next year. It's a Spanish language film, starring one of the best actors working today, from one of the best directors working today, and scored by the brilliant composer, Gustavo Santaolalla. What are your thoughts?

- Seth Green is set to direct an adaptation of the comic book Freshmen...

- Here is the first poster from the new Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino...

Wow, when I'm that old, I only dream to be that badass...

- McG has written a few interesting quotes on the Terminator Salvation website about the hotly anticipated film...Thanks to /film again for being brililant and posting the noteworthy ones...
McG has posted a new blog on the Terminator Salvation website. Here are the major take-aways:

Principal Photography has wrapped
Christian Bale and Sam Worthington have been sown early cuts and “they seem pleased with where the film is headed.”

“Our focus is on story and character, but it’s fun diving into the world of visual effects.”

“We want the patina of the machines to be dirty and heavy and perfectly realistic - that’s why we built so much practically with Stan Winston.”

On producing revolutionary effects like Terminator 2: “There’s one sequence in particular where we’re trying to achieve something that’s never been done before. I don’t want to talk about it because we haven’t been successful yet…”

Terminator 2 editor Conrad Buff is cutting the film: “It feels great to have his confidence in the movie. I take his opinion very seriously, he provides a daily litmus test for what is worthy of a Terminator film.”

About the story: “This is a story of two destinies colliding. Connor is part of a resistance comprised of the ethnicities that make up the globe. This film is so much more that just Los Angeles. It reflects the global crisis of man, all of man versus machine.”

Well, this is all good news I guess, but I really want to SEE something from it. The teaser before The Dark Knight was interesting, but only because it was released so quick after the film had wrapped. I'm not really looking forward to the film, but it's on my radar, and these notes help. What about you guys?

- Finally, as many of you may have heard, rumor has it that Zac Effron will star alongside Johnny Depp in Pirates 4...Sources have heard that the rumor is indeed true, so more on this as it develops, as this may just ruin any hope I had for the film...

That's all I've got for now! Come back later for more news and notes!

Go see something good!

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  1. Definitely i would love to watch that movie..Clint is still looking good and performs best in his movies..he's a good actor..


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