Thursday, November 19, 2009

FIRST LOOK: Paprika Director's Dream Machine...

One of the best modern animated films I’ve seen in the past 10 years, is sadly something that not many of you have seen, at least if the buzz around it is any statement. Hell, I can only find the thing at ONE local rental shop.

Paprika is the name of the stellar film that I am speaking of, and comes to us from the insane dome of Satoshi Kon. I’m not the biggest anime fan, at least it’s not something I’m to versed in, but this is what truly got me back into the mood of watching anime, when I first saw the film back in 2007. It’s basically an animated version of what David Lynch dreams of in one of his coke induced benders, so if you know me, that is something that I would dig. That said, I also think it’s weirdly accessible, so if you have a chance, see it.

So one can expect any news on Kon’s new film, The Dream Machine, to be something I write about. Well, make that a gaurentee, especially after seeing these stills from the films official website (via Twitch Film).

Now, I know, you are saying, what the hell? Well, here’s a little insight from Kon himself, from an interview he gave last year:

On the surface, it’s going to be a fantasy-adventure targeted at younger audiences. However, it will also be a film that people who have seen our films up to this point will be able to enjoy. So it will be an adventure that even older audiences can appreciate. There will be no human characters in the film; only robots. It’ll be like a “robot movie” for robots.

This film, while being one of the most anticipated of yours truly, looks rather underwhelming. Sure, the pictures themselves are beyond gorgeous, but personally, when a director has made a film like Paprika, and then to do something this seemingly gentle as /Film put it, really looses a bit of the intrigue. Sure, these are simply photos, and outside of that I don’t have much information, but it still leaves me wanting more.

However, I don’t that Kon will make something as light and soft as these pictures hint at. Don’t be surprised if my thoughts on this change. I know I won’t be.

Go see something good!

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