Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NEWS/POSTER: French Avatar Poster, And The Soundtrack Listing Spoils The Film...

I love film scores/soundtracks. I love them long time.

However, many times a films plot can be spoiled, almost completely, by simply revealing the titles of the tracks. Many times, a composer will list a song with some sort of thematic title, that instead of revealing plot points, simply posits the films theme/style. Take The Dark Knight’s Joker Theme, “Why So Serious?” for example. Instead of being called “The Joker Takes Control of Two Boats For A Social Experiment”, it simple plays off the films theme and style. That said, James Horner, composer of the score for Avatar, didn’t decide to do that, and instead decided to ruin much of the films plot.

But first, some unspoilery news.

First, a new poster has been released, and looks beyond gorgeous. Sure, it’s a split head poster, something that I have never really been a fan of, but honestly, there has yet to be something released about this film that has hindered my anticipation for this thing. Sure, it has been curbed a bit, particularly when seeing the human aspects of the film (which are beyond lackluster), but I’m still really excited to see what Cameron can do with this pet project of his.

Here’s the poster. Enjoy!

Also, in a ReelzChannel interview, Horner confirmed that the film would clock in right at three hours.

Now, for those who don't mind Avatar slightly spoiled for them, check out the following score track listing.

1. “You Don’t Dream in Cryo…”
2. Jake Enters His Avatar World
3. Pure Spirits of the Forest
4. The Bioluminescence of the Night
5. Becoming One of “The People”
Becoming One With Neytiri
6. Climbing Up – “Iknimaya – The Path to Heaven”
7. Jake’s First Flight
8. Scorched Earth
9. Quaritch
10. The Destruction of “Hometree”
11. Shutting Down Grace’s Lab
12. Gathering All the Na’vi Clans for Battle
13. War
14. I See You (Theme from "Avatar")


It was also recently announced that, I See You, the theme from the film, was set to be sung by Leonna Lewis, so expect a big Oscar push for that track.

What do YOU think about all of this news?

Go see something good!

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