Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEWS: Worthington Picks Up Last Days of American Crime...

When you hear about a big budget action film being produced, it seems like one can almost guarantee that certain things will come along with it, one of those things being the attachment of Sam Worthington. After Terminator 4 and Avatar, Worthington is not only a name in film circles, but he is also set to become a pretty big house hold name.

We can add another film to his long list.

Mania’s Comics2Film is now reporting that Worthington has been attached to appear in The Last Days of American Crime. The film is going to be a feature adaptation of the comic series of the same name, which was created by Rick Remender, who also leaked the news to the afformentioned site.

Here’s the plot synopsis:

In a near-future America, news has broken that, in a matter of weeks, the government is set to roll out mind-control technology that will kill the criminal impulse in all citizens. Chaos descend on America’s cities as the country braces for the new order. Career criminal Graham Brick is forced to accelerate the heist of his career with an untested new crew in order to beat the deadline.

I must say, I haven’ t read the comic book, but personally this sounds like a really interesting take on the heist genre. Also, it’s nice to know that, instead of say, having the criminal join up with some organization to help out the government, the criminal we are going to follow is just going to have this deadline as the setting for his heist. It should make for one hell of an interesting film, and one that I think should fit Worthington perfect. This guy is not only a bonafide action star, but he can out act Christian Bale. Seriously? The guy has skill, and given the right director (Louis Letterier anyone?), this could be one great piece of action cinema.

What do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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