Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEWS: Orphanage Remake Has A Problem...

It appears as though the U.S. remake of The Orphanage is in a little bit of turmoil, much to the appreciation of yours truly.

Arrow In The Head had a chance to talk to Larry Fessenden, who was as of August, attached to the project, but has since said that he has left:

THE ORPHANAGE was two years of waiting. Working on the script with Guillermo was a very exciting experience, but then I got into a casting miasma and that’s where the thing is; I think they’re gonna do it another way, actually. So I think I’m out of it. Hopefully they’ll still use my script, but I’m not sure I’m directing it anymore. That’s Hollywood for ya.

So back in August, Fessenden was attached, and casting had begun, searching for the female lead. However, it appears as all of that has been scrapped, at least as we all are aware. I’m sure the project is still looking to get made, but without Fessenden at the helm, it’s looking for a leader. Also worth noting, it will be kind of interesting to see just how much time del Toro has to give to this project, as he’s doing this little film called The Hobbit. I don’t know if you have heard of that one yet, but yeah, it’s going to suck up a bit of his time.

Personally, I want this film to die, but I know it won't. That said, if I had a choice of director, my hand would have to lay firmly on the shoulder of Ti West. I know he's not the type to do it, and I never want him too, but The Orphanage is a slow burn, and he is good at that. I've just seen an earlier film of his, Trigger Man, and while it's not a similar film to House of the Devil, it does have a similar sense of tension, which I think would be perfect for this film.

What do YOU think?

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