Monday, November 16, 2009

NEWS: The Road To Move Release Dates...Again...

So, the bastard son of John Hillcoat and the Weinstein Company (or as the latter makes it seem like), The Road continues to have a tumultuous release, even though it has garnered quite a bit of buzz coming out of Toronto, and fellow festivals.

A few months ago, the dystopian-end-of-the-world drama was set to hit theatres across the country on November 25, the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. However, it appears as though those plans have once again changed, and not for the better.

The Playlist is reporting that “according to a email we received about local theater chain markets, the film has reverted back to a limited release roll-out plan.” It looks as though the November 25th release date is now simply a New York/L.A. release, instead of a wide one, at it would appear that, hopefully at least, the film would expand in the following weeks.

Sure, it’s gotten mostly mixed reviews, but with Oscar support behind star Viggo Mortensen, those chances are slowly shrinking, especially with fellow TWC film, Nine, hitting wide on the 25th, and getting much of TWC’s Oscar bank.

The Playlist also points out that TWC has been having some/ much publicized money problems, so with the brunt of marketing going to the big time musical, Nine, look for The Road to get the short end of the already minute TWC Oscar stick.

What do YOU think? Does The Road still have a shot, even though Rob Marshall, director of the Academy Award winning Chicago is also hitting theatres with Nine, another TWC film?

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  1. I certainly hope that "The Road" still has a shot at Oscar glory. I'm bummed that the film isn't going to be released wide on the 25th, but I can't say that I'm surprised. It's been getting shafted on release dates from the get-go. I've waited too long for it and to be honest, I think the last Weinstein Company film I even got the chance to see in the theatre was "The Reader", and that was a film from LAST YEAR. Sad.

    I'm not at all excited for "Nine" either. I detest musicals, but considering that the film is made by same people who stole a "Best Picture" Oscar with "Chicago" some years back, I can't say that I'm surprised that the Weinstein Company is going to push that film more than "The Road". "Nine" will probably be up for Oscars and go in the books as one more film I have no excitement for but that the rest of the world loves..

  2. I am probably going to take The Road out of any sort of Oscar contention in my mind. It just doesn't seem like it will happen, for a few reasons.

    1) The Road has been getting mixed reviews, where the first screening of Nine has had nothing but rave reviews, across the board.
    2) TWC doesn't have the gas, or money, to pump out two Oscar contenders. They are putting all of their weight behind Nine, a film that is far more accessible to the Academy, and features reportedly far stronger performances.
    3) I personally think Nine may be the superior film. This is something that I could go on in a 1000 word post for, so I'll be brief. I personally like the whole idea and premise of The Road more, and while it's comparing apples to nuclear weapons, I do think that come January 1st, my list of films will feature Nine in a higher spot than The Road. Who knows though.


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