Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey guys, I have the joy of telling you all about a great story. Well, I have good and bad news. Lets get to the good first. We finally have the first trailer for the upcoming James Bond film, James Bond: Quantum of Solace...check it out!

Alright, so the trailer isn't anything amazing, but it's something, and that's what counts. Plus, the bad guy is Matthew Almariec from the Diving Bell and The Butterfly, so he will be stellar. What do you guys think??

So, here's the bad news. I actually have two things. First off, let me thank for this bit of news about a certain group of warriors and a possible return to film...

Variety says that Legendary Pictures has confirmed last week’s reports that it is developing a 300 follow-up for Warner Bros. that Frank Miller is writing and Zack Snyder is intended to direct. Miller is writing the graphic novel the project will be based upon, although at this point it’s not clear whether it will be a prequel or spin-off.

Snyder won’t officially commit until after he sees Miller’s take, but he’s definitely interested, says the trade. “The vision of Frank Miller’s universe that Zack Snyder brought to the screen in ‘300′ is unlike anything ever seen before,” said Legendary’s Thomas Tull. “We want to be certain that the story originates with Frank and be as compelling as the first.”

I'm not even going to get started, but I actually would like to pose a simple question. 300 was...

A) Great (5 on a scale of 1-5)
B) Good (4)
C) So-So (3)
D) Mediocre (2)
E) Bad (1)
F) A waste of celluloid (0)

I will reserve my answer for a while, but I would like to hear why you think the way you do.

Finally, and probably the worst, here is the first poster for the upcoming film, Saw V...

These just keep getting worse, so my hopes for this gorno flick are below 0. Really, go see Funny Games if you want your torture fix. At least that movies got a fucking point behind it. Even if it is extremely anti-American, just like EVERY other film made outside the U.S. Why do people find pleasure in watching people beind tortured and dismembered for no aparent reason? Are these films appealing to any of you any more? Is this a film you look forward to, and if so, why? This is a judge free area, I am just wondering what the hell I don't get, and hopefully never will.

Alright, thats all for now, come back later for my top 10 films about voyeiurs...

Go see something good!


  1. I'd go with option B)

    It was good as a stylized action film.

  2. I gotta go with "C". Kept me interested for the most part but the violence and fights became boring after the 100th death.


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