Sunday, June 29, 2008

Box releases...

Hey peeps, what the hell is going on?! It's good to be back, and I have the pleasure to give you this weeks box office top 10...

3.Get Smart
4.Kung Fu Panda
5.The Incredible Hulk
6.The Love Guru
7.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
8.The Happening
9.Sex and the City
10.You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Wall-E smashes with 63 million bucks...Wanted was no slouch either though as it grossed roughly 51 million dollars, and some of that happened to be my can expect a review of that action packed kick to the collective groin of society tonight or tomorow afternoon...

Here are the upcoming, noteable DVD releases, for this Tuesday, the 1st of July...

- City of Men...It's the sequel to City of God, BUT Fernando Merielles isn't directing, so it may not be good, but I would say that you should all give it a shot. It's gotten good reviews, and you all should check it out...

- Drillbit Taylor...probably Owen Wilson's worst starring's just a really bad movie, avoid at all cost...

- Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns...Eh, I didn't see it, but it ruled the box office and it got solid reviews, so for a comedy, I say give it a shot...

- Vantage Point...DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. This is a really cheap attempt at a Rashomon remake for a political age, and it really doesn't work. Just read my review for my full thoughts on it...

Mad Men Season 1 also comes out this week AND a great double feature, Shane and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance come out on a special edition DVD, so check those out as well.


~My Blueberry Nights~
This is a film from visionary director, Wang Kar Wai, and is his first English language film, and stars Norah Jones. This film is worth seeing if only for the Cat Power soundtrack. It's gorgeous, the performances are great, the story is compelling and it's the briskest two hours you'll spend. This is easily in my top 10 of this year so far, so take that for whatever it may mean, but all I am saying is GIVE THIS A SHOT.

Again, it's summer, so there won't be a lot out at the theatres this weekend, but we do have a couple. Hancock is the only big release, which I will be seeing, and Kabluey, (Anna Lisa, where are you?) opens up in limited release. So if its around you, go check out both those films.

Alright guys, come back later for my review of Wanted!

Go see something good!!!

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