Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NEWS: DiCaprio to star in Nolan's Inception...

So, it looks as though Christopher Nolan's next film, Inception, is set to get one hell of a cast. Variety is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to join the cast, as the first known signee.

Leonardo DiCaprio will star in "Inception," the science-fiction film that Christopher Nolan ("The Dark Knight") wrote and will direct as his next pic at Warner Bros.
The project shoots this year and is slated to be released in summer 2010, with Nolan and Emma Thomas producing. DiCaprio's deal is in final negotiations.

Script has been kept under wraps but the studio calls it a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.

DiCaprio, coming off "Revolutionary Road" and "Body of Lies," will next be seen starring in the Martin Scorsese-directed "Shutter Island" at Paramount.

Another actor that has been rumored to be signing on sometime soon is Ellen Page, so this is shaping up to be a really great cast, something all of Nolan's major films, all but his first, Following, had. He's worked with huge ensemble casts, and it looks like this one may not be much different.

Not to much is known about this film, but hearing it be called a sci-fi thriller set within the mind has me insanely interested. There is something intellecutally stimulating about many of Nolan's films, and that is something that I really admire. Take the Dark Knight for example. It's a flawed film, but it's flawed due to it's ambition and subtext. It wanted to say something, and lost some quality in the meantime. Knowing that he is striving to make something more than just an action, or in Inceptions case, thriller, is something I wish more directors would attempt. More on this film as it comes out.

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  1. Christopher Nolan should clone himself so he has time to make more movies. Same goes for Dicaprio.


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