Thursday, March 12, 2009

WTF MATE?: Fox To Go Full Retard...

Really Fox? Do these guys know ANYTHING about something other than pissing off trillions of fans? /Film reports...

File this in your the “Yet another way Fox has found to inspire geek hate” folder: According to a report by VideoBusiness (Via CNet), 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is going to start stripping rental DVDs SKUs of special features like commentaries and featurettes, in a horrendously misguided attempt to spur retail DVD sales. Retail copies available for purchase will retain all the special features. This policy will begin on March 31st, when DVD releases like Marley & Me, and Slumdog Millionaire will be subject to the features removal. Other Fox films such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Wrestler, and Notorious, will soon face the same fate.

I don't like to use salty language, but Fox..

Fuck you

Go see something good...


  1. Looks like I won't be buying used Fox DVDs at Blockbuster anymore...

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