Monday, March 30, 2009

NEWS: Eastern Promises to Get a Sequel...

Yes, it's true, no director is afraid of making a sequel to one of his films. However, this, is not out of the realm of true awesomeness. Geek Tyrant reports that David Cronenberg is in the process of working out a sequel to his 2007 hit, Eastern Promises.

There be spoilers coming...proceed at your own risk. However, if you haven't seen Eastern Promises, than you shouldn't be reading this, as it is taking time away from you driving to your local video store and renting it.

If you remember at trhe end of the movie Viggo Mortensens characters turns a under cover British Agent. This is what will set up the next film, Cronenberg want’s to tell more stories about this character.

“We are moving forward with it. We all are excited about the idea of doing a sequel.”

Yes, they are all excited! All includes Viggo Mortensen, writer Steven Knight, producer Paul Webster and the studio, Focus.

“I have some very strong ideas about what I would like to see, but I would like to hear what they have to say as well.”

Cronenberg has not made a sequel to a film yet so this would be his first.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a situation where I actually want to do a sequel to something…But in this case, I thought we had unfinished business with those characters. I didn’t feel that we had finished with Nikolai and we had done a lot of research that was more than we could stuff into that one movie.”

Now, this is the difference between a sequel that has potential, and one that doesn't. The difference between this film and say, Mulan 2, is that this looks like all the components are going to be back. Director, cast, crew, and hopefully quality will all be coming back for EP2. More news on this really interesting story as it comes!

Go see something good!

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