Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NEWS: Some Disney Updates...

So, ShoWest started this week, and while most major studios pulled anything really big out, there are still really interesting rumblings coming out of Mickey's camp.

First off, and most important, Disney has announced that both Toy Story and Toy Story two will be released on the same day, in 3-D, as a double bill. Starting on October 2nd, you will be able to see both Toy Story and it's sequel in glorious Disney 3-D, all for hopefully a low price. It was originally thought that the two would be seperated by about 4 months, but not only do we get the duo, but the trailer for Toy Story 3 will be released with the double feature.

Second, they have announced that Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland will be released in IMAX 3-D on March 5th of next year.

Third, and most interesting, attendees were shown a complete 3-D reworking of the opening music number from Beauty and The Beast, in preparation for the now announced 3-D rerelease of Beauty and The Beast. Here is what First Showing had to say in regards to this news...

I've got to say, even I was impressed, as it's hard to think of how anyone can turn a hand-drawn 2D animated movie into 3D, but they did it. And they pulled it off. It was absolutely wonderful watching that scene play out and seeing the lush 2D drawings come to life. I'm not normally a guy to say 3D really looks that good, but this time it did, and I will be happy to revisit Beauty and the Beast again in 3D next year.

I love BatB, and I too am more than willing to revisit it.

Come back later for more news and notes...

Go see something good!

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    my mom can't see 3-d movies. it doesn't work on her eyes :/ a sad day for her


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