Tuesday, March 3, 2009

RUMOR: Danny Boyle To Direct Bond 23??

There are some websites/newspapers that you know to just not completely trust. The Sun is one of them. However, the piece of information that they are reporting is rather interesting, and not completely implausable after the recent Academy Awards. The Sun is reporting...

Down-to-earth Danny is hot property in Hollywood after his Mumbai-set film became an Oscar sensation.

And Bond chief Barbara Broccoli, who now heads the huge 007 franchise at EON Productions, is leading the chase for his services.

Manchester-born Danny, 52, has insisted in interviews that big budgets are not important to him.

But the grittier direction Bond films have taken since DANIEL CRAIG took the role has changed his view about the blockbusters.

Sure, it's simply a rumor, and probably not even that, but it's just an interesting idea. And who knows, Callum McDougall, a producer on the Bond films, was also a producer on Danny Boyles last bigger budget film, The Beach.

What do you think? Does Danny fit the Bond franchise? Could he?

Go see something good!

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