Friday, March 6, 2009

VIDEO: Jason Segel and Paul Rudd Do Dracula's Lament...

So, at a recent screening of I Love You, Man in Chicago, Jason Segel was asked to perform a musical number from last year's hit comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. While I wasn't the biggest fan of that film, I did love the Dracula musical that Segel's character was working on, and this video is of the song, Dracula's Lament. Check it out!

I'm also posting this to let you all know that Russel Brand, who starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall alongside Segel, will be having a new special airing on Comedy Central this Sunday night at 10 pm, and everyone should watch.

Come back later for more news, notes, and a roundup of all of the trailers that I have neglected to post about in my Watchmen daze.

Go see something good!

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