Thursday, July 17, 2008

A couple new trailers...

Hey guys! The only real news today, is that two HUGE trailers have been released...The trailers for Watchmen, and Body of Lies can be seen below...


Body Of Lies

All I can say is that Watchmen looks AMAZING and so does Body of Lies, although, suprisingly, I'm far more interested in Watchmen at this point. The novel has always intrigued me, though I've never read it, and it looks like it could be great. I have a better chance at being suprised by that. Body we all know WILL be great. With Watchmen though, the fact it comes to us from Zack Snyder, aka the guy who was behind the mediocre 300 (send the hatemail now), gives me pause, but I think the trailer looks great. How about you???

The only other thing I have to say is that I saw Hellboy 2 and Wall E yesturday, and both are phenominal. Hellboy 2 is visually stunning, although some of it did feel a little self indulgent, which, with Guillermo Del Toro, is not a negative neciserally. It also shows Del Toro's growth as a storyteller, in that he balances action and romance perfectly, and he shows that he can actually have a villian that isn't one dimensional. Wall E is just brilliant, and thats all I want to say, as I would like to hear from you guys!! What did you think of Wall E and/or Hellboy 2???

My Ratings
Hellboy 2
Wall E

Go see something good!!

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  1. Dude, congratulations on the Dark Knight IMAX tickets. I'm mad curious to hear how you landed them...


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