Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey guys! I'm back, and I've got some stuff to do, so, I'm gonna keep this a little short. Here are your top 10 box office winners for this week...

1.Hellboy II: The Golden Army
3.Journey to the Center of the Earth
6.Get Smart
7.Meet Dave
8.Kung Fu Panda
9.Kit Kittredge: An American Girl
10.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indy 4 is still in the top 10...Hellboy II made roughly 38 million bucks...I'll be seeing that later this week, so expect a review of that film, sometime later this week...

Here are the note able DVD releases for this Tuesday...

- College Road Trip -
Martin. Lawrence. Comedy. All three of those words are enough to keep any smart people away from this film...
- Step Up 2: The Streets -
I don't get these films, so I say that they are avoidable, at all costs
- Penelope -
Christina Ricci and James McAvoy in a film about a pig nosed girl who needs and is longing for love. Maybe worth a rent, solely because the cast is intriguing...
- Shutter -
ANOTHER horrible American remake of an Asian horror film...skip it at all costs...

The Bank Job
A solid heist film, starring Jason Statham, and based on a "real story". Solid performances, great cinematography, a good soundtrack, and an intriguing story make for a good entry into the heist film genre, especially in a year that hasn't seen many solid ones. Worth a rental at least.

Oh, Trafic comes out this week. For those of you who don't know about Jaques Tati, please, rent Playtime or Mon Oncle, and then you will know why I am really excited to put this one right at the top of my queue

Alright, so this week sees the release of three films in wide release to theatres across this country. First, Space Chimps, an animated film about monkey astronauts. Second, Mama Mia, a story about a girl...wait, what am I saying. Unless you are either 6 years or younger, or have an over the top obsession with ABBA, and I know, don't we all, then you will be seeing The Dark Knight. I'm not going to say anything, as, if you haven't heard about this film, than you need to ask your landlord to upgrade the rock you've been under. I will be reviewing this this weekend, but it will be a little shorter, as I really want to get into a discussion with those of you who see it this weekend. So, if and when you check it out, leave a comment and lets get into this hotly anticipated film.

So, I just have two more things to say. First, here is what the CEO from Warner Brother's had to say about a certain Wild film from director Spike Jonze.

"We've given him more money and, even more importantly, more time for him to work on the film," Horn said. "We'd like to find a common ground that represents Spike's vision but still offers a film that really delivers for a broad-based audience. We obviously still have a challenge on our hands. But I wouldn't call it a problem, simply a challenge. No one wants to turn this into a bland, sanitized studio movie. This is a very special piece of material and we're just trying to get it right."

What are your thoughts? Is it alright for studios to hold back films if they don't fit their ideas, or should the directors have a little more say in the final cut of the film they spend months working on?

Finally, here are three films that I saw this weekend on HBO, and my brief thoughts and rating for them...

- The Marine -
Over the top, So bad it's funny, campy, are all words that can describe this horribly comedic film starring professional wrestler, John Cena. Worth a rent if you need a laugh. Have a double feature. The Marine, and the Black Dahlia...
- Ocean's 13 -
Solid heist film, and the second best in the series. Totally worth a rental. Even better on second and in my case third viewings. Casey Affleck is worth it alone.
- The Simpson's Movie -
Funny film, but watch it during the week on Fox. Worth a rental for show fans, otherwise, skip able...

Well, that's all for now. Come back later for more news and notes, along with a new top 10!

Go see something good!

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