Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up...

Hey guys!! Here is this weekends top 10 box office rank....

1.The Dark Knight
2.Mamma Mia!
4.Journey to the Center of the Earth
5.Hellboy II: The Golden Army
7.Space Chimps
9.Get Smart
10.Kung Fu Panda

TDK made 155.34 MILLION dollars this weekend, which means it now has the highest grossing opening weekend of any film, ever. Mamma Mia made 27 million bucks...did any of you see that??

So, this week is a really lame week for DVD's...actually, there is only one new release that is worth noting, 21. 21, the gambling film starring Jim Sturgess, from Across The Universe, is alright, and probably worth a rent for his performance. It has it's moments, but it really is a mediocre film. It's shot really generically, and the characters, while funny at times, are really type characters...probably a 6 or 7/10. Go rent High and Low, a film noir from brilliant director Akira Kurosawa...

Just like DVD's, this is a small week for Theatrical Releases, however, the two that are going wide are pretty big films themselves...We have Step Brothers and X Files:I Want to Believe. I know where I'll be, but I want to hear from you guys...where will you be this weekend...

A) Watching Step Brothers
B) Watching X Files
C) Checking out both
D) Checking out The Dark Knight

That's all I have right now...come back later for more news and notes!

Go see something good!

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