Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Top 10 films about watching...

Well, today is a slow news day, outside of news that Will Ferrel and Sasha Baren Cohen will be teaming up to do a Sherlock Holmes flick, so I decided to come up with a top 10 that I've been meaning to do for a while. Here is the list of my top 10 films about Voyeurs...

10. 2001: A Space Oddessy (It gets on this list for the lip reading scene's not really a movie about watching, but that shot is so damn good, and it's one of the best films ever made, so it is my number 10)
9. Being John Malkovich
8. Rashomon
7. Cache
6. The Lives of Others
5. The Conversation
4. Sex Lies and Videotape
3. Funny Games
2. Blue Velvet
1. Rear Window

What films about watching do you like??? I also have something else to talk to you guys about. I mentioned that an option for my top 10 was a list of ten films that are underseen by most people, that shouldn't stay that way. So you know what, today is a rainy day, so go run to your local videostore, and rent any one of these ten films... These are mostly recent films, so just to let that out there.

10. Bottle Rocket
9. Sunshine
8. Mean Creek
7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
6. The Good German
5. A Prairie Home Companion
4. Mulholland Drive/ Inland Empire
3. Primer
2. Funny Games
1. Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

Now, if any of these films sound like they are interesting, please, post a comment on here, and I would love to go in depth about any of these films. Also, if you have any films that you have seen recently and would like to talk about, please, post a comment about that too! I would discuss each of these flicks, but I have some more work to do, so I will talk about ones that people are interested in.

Alright, thats all. Come back later for more news and notes. Please, leave comments! These lists are here to spark debate!

Go see something good!!!

1 comment:

  1. A Prairie Home Companion...excellent choice.

    And I just watched Being John Malkovich this morning. WOW, what a film.

    And Rear Window deserves it's #1 spot. I still get the feeling that Hitch was calling the audience voyeurs.


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