Monday, July 7, 2008

Hancock and the Bond Trailer...thoughts?

Hey guys. So, it's a Monday, a slow news day, girlfriend is out working, so what is a guy supposed to do? Well, this guy went out a checked out Hancock, and I have some stuff to say, so lets get into it a little bit, because I also have a couple of other pieces of news to discuss...

Hancock is an ass hole. At least at the start of this hero-who-is-a-zero turned world saver tale. Hancock is an unhappy hero, who constantly leaves a pile of destruction in his angsty wake. He saves his city by a moment, drinks the rest away. However, this changes one day, as he meets an up and coming p.r. manager, Ray. After Hancock saves Ray's life, he vows to make the world see the true heart of this reluctant powerhouse. However, a warrant goes out for his arrest, and he willingly surrenders, and spends time in jail, all awaiting his call to help the very town he neglected his entire life. However, some stuff is not exactly what it seems, and people in particular, are not who they seem.

See, that's a great premise. However, the movie, in the end, doesn't live up to that. Will Smith is the star of this film, and of course, he does great. Watching him ham it up as an "asshole" as he is called much of the film, is truly fun. However, the fellow performers don't truly stand up to the task. Jason Bateman, who plays Ray, is fine, but the script really just kind of sits there the entire film. There are comedic moments, but most aren't dialogue based, and in one instance, is such juvenile humor, that it really doesn't work. The direction also is kind of all over the place, and during the action scenes, is really reminiscent of Transformers, and that's never a good thing. The last thing is, the film went 90% of the way without truly delving into Hancock's back story, yet, at the end, in the most tense of moments, they decide to grind the film to a complete and utter halt with a lame duck discussion about his life. Granted, it did sort of raise the stakes a little bit, as he began to figure everything out, but it could have been handled better, at say his trailer, instead of which they just decided to throw a big fight in there. This film could have been a good ten-15 minutes shorter, and it would have worked.

All of those negatives aside, the premise and story are really intriguing and watching Will Smith play it up in those early scenes is worth at least the price of a ticket at a second run theatre.


Most of you have already seen this, so that's why I'm just keeping it short. Also, I have to talk about an interesting thing that happened before the film. So, before Hancock, a certain trailer, for a certain double-O's upcoming film is shown. Now, for those of you who haven't seen the flick, here's the trailer...

Now, the simple question is, is this film an anticipated one for you? Are you looking forward to this flick, and if so, or not, why? Do you like the old Bond films, or do you hope that they keep taking it to the sacred cow?

That's all for now. Wednesday, I'll be seeing Wall-E, so you can expect my thoughts, more like a discussion starter on that flick, and then when I get home on Sunday, I'll have a review of Hellboy the meantime, I'll have some news, notes, a top 10, and more thoughts about the world that we call the film industry.

Go see something good!!

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