Wednesday, December 24, 2008

MUSIC: The Brilliance of The Revolutionary Road Trailers...

So, over the past week or so, I have been in my true year end mindset. I've gone through and completed my catalog of all 79 (and growing as I plan to see Man on Wire, Standard Operating Procedure, Snow Angels, Ben Button, and one other film, yet to be named, over the next week or so) films that I have seen during 2008, and I also did a recent post of the top 10 Trailers of this year. Coming in at number 2 was the first in a pair of brilliant Revolutionary Road Trailers.

Now, the true piece of brilliance behind this piece of promotion, isn't anything to do with the film (although it's one I'm excited to check out) it's the music. The song is called "Wild Is The Wind", and it comes to us from Nina Simone, a world renowned artist, and the one great thing a trailer can do, besides introduce me to a great film, is introduce me to a great artist. While I had heard of Nina Simone, I never really listened to her music, until this trailer. It's a beautiful song, so striking that it grabs your attention and forces you to focus on whats on the screen. Not only that, but when you have two great actors like Kate "I'm constantly being underrated" Winslet and Leo DiCaprio going at it, it makes for one of the better trailers of the year. However, not to be outdone, Dreamworks released a second trailer, that may be just as good, if not better...

Cinematically, I love the use of split-screen in this trailer, I also really like how the editors of this trailer simply let the really powerful "Sea of Love" by Cat Power, to play over some footage, without any sound coming from the said footage. I'm a huge fan of Cat Power, as some of you may know, and this may be my favorite song of hers. It's a very minimal song but her voice and that guitar really work. Another great use of Cat Power came in a horribly under-seen film from this year, called My Blueberry Nights, in which her song "The Greatest" was the main theme.

So, I hope that I could have helped you all find a couple of new artists that you may just want to throw on your iPods.

Come back later for more news and reviews...

Go see something good!!

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