Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NEWS: New York Film Critics Best Of The Year...

So, I just got back from a long day of exams and Dark Knight DVD buying, to come to the conclusion that today is a very slow news day. However, the New York Film Critics have released their year end awards, and the list is not only interesting, it's quite shocking...

Best Picture: Milk
Best Director: Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Actor: Sean Penn, Milk
Best Actress: Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Supporting Actor: Josh Brolin, Milk
Best Supporting Actress: Penélope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Screenplay: Jenny Lumet, Rachel Getting Married
Best Cinematographer: Anthony Dod Mantle, Slumdog Millionaire
Best Animated Film: Wall-E
Best First Film: Courtney Hunt, Frozen River
Best Foreign Film: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Best Documentary: Man on Wire

Okay, so first off, I'm now insanely excited about Milk, if it's even possible to be any more excited for that flick. Second, I think one of 3 sure fire locks for this years Oscars is Wall-E winning best animated feature, and the other two are also on here, in Man on Wire winning best Documentary, and Penelope Cruz winning Best Supporting Actress, although I truly think Rosemarie DeWitt should win for Rachel Getting Married. That all said, the biggest surprise come in the Best Actress/Best Supporting Actor/Best Director categories. This list is one that many people look to to see what the Academy Awards may look like, so let's just say, this will be one interesting awards season. Golden Globe nominations are tomorrow night, so as soon as they are announced, I will get the information up!

Go see something good!

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