Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SPECIAL TOP 10: News Stories of '08...

So, I was watching G4 today, as I do everyday (it is the greatest channel on television, just to let you all know) and I came across a special episode of X-Play, their videogame news show. It was an hour long episode, and it went over their ten most important and newsworthy stories of the year, in videogames. After a little bit of thinking, I decided to do the same, instead of a forum post about possible replacements for Christopher Nolan if he decides to skip out on the third Batman film (which I will do later, because I would love to get your thoughts on that). Therefor, here are the ten most important and newsworthy pieces of film news of this year.

10. The B.S. - The Dark Knight and it's subsiquent unwarranted sequel rumors
9. The Trend - The copius amounts of remakes out, and in development
8. The Delays - The Soloist, The Road, Sherlock Holmes, and Defiance
7. The Brilliance - Hulu gains popularity AND a ton of great films/tv shows
6. The Superheroes - The Rebirth of the Comic Book Film Genre with The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Dark Knight, Wanted, and Hellboy 2 all being very popular, publicly and critically
5. The Aliens - The dissapointment known as Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull
4. The Blockbuster - The HUGE Box Office gross for The Dark Knight
3. The comebacks - Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke
2. The Trailer - Watchmen, and it's subsequent court case
1. The Loss Of Talent and Legends - Heath Ledger, Roy Scheider, Paul Newman, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, George Carlin, Stan Winston, Sydney Pollack, Charleton Heston, Anthony Minghella

What are some stories I forgot? There have been a lot, so I kept these a little general, but what do you think should have made the list?

Come back later for more news and notes...

Go see something good

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