Monday, December 29, 2008

NEWS: A Brief but Horrible Watchmen Update...

So, with last weeks news that Fox had won their court case, it looks like we may have to wait to see the hotly anticipated graphic novel adaptation...thanks to cinematical for the news...

Watchmen is not going to end 2008 on a high note. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a lawyer for 20th Century Fox has said that the studio will seek an order delaying the release of the film. Ever since Fox first filed its suit, Watchmen fans have been panicked that the film's legal woes would delay its March 6 release. Seriously, Fox, don't you just want some money? A nice chunk of money? Don't kick the Watchmen when they're down.

Though the judge ruled in favor of Fox on Christmas, agreeing that Fox retained copyright on the film, he now plans to hold the trial as planned on January 20th. Warner Bros finally spoke out about the messy situation, via their lawyer, and said that
he didn't know if the studio would appeal, but that trial was necessary, and a settlement was "unlikely."

So, despite that the scales of justice are tipped in Fox's favor, Warner Bros refuses to blink and agree to a payoff.
Considering that Paramount already has the international distribution rights, they don't want to lose any more of the box office pie than they have to. Cue the theme to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and we'll keep you updated as this case drags into 2009.

Question: At what point do nerdy fanboys begin bombarding 20th Century Fox with nasty hate mail?

So, it looks like, unless a settlement is reached, which is unlikely at this point, the best case scenario is that we all see the release date moved back, but who knows how far. I still have hopes that a deal will be reached, but it doesn't look so good at this point, and it may just be me and my wishful thinking. I will keep you all updated as the news comes in...

Go see something good!

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