Thursday, April 16, 2009

NEWS: Cannes To Feature All Star Lineup...

I have a very tiny list of things I want to do before I die, that don't have to do with family/love/career. Amongst the list, there are a couple of film festivals I want to attain, three actually. Along side the Toronto Film Festival and SXSW, comes the Cannes Film Festival.

Most of you may ask why? Well besides the gorgeous area where it is held, South France, but it's lineups like the following that have me excited. Variety has the story...

The upcoming Cannes Film Festival will be swimming in top international filmmakers, as directors including Ang Lee, Jane Campion, Michael Haneke, Quentin Tarantino, Ken Loach, Pedro Almodovar, Bong Joon-ho, Marco Bellocchio, Lars von Trier and Johnnie To expect to square off for the Palme d'Or come May 13.

With one week to go before the April 23 announcement of the Official Selection, fest director Thierry Fremaux and his selection committee still have numerous films to watch, so this weekend will tell the tale as far as several titles are concerned. Unlike his predecessor Gilles Jacob, who tended to accept or reject films as he saw them over a period of months, Fremaux prefers to keep his options open to a certain extent until he's seen everything, leaving anxious filmmakers, distribs and sales companies in the dark until the final bell.

Wow, so here is what we know for sure. First off, Pete Docters new Pixar film, UP, is opening the festival in Digital 3-D. Also, it was confirmed a few weeks ago that Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds will be In Competition, something that, about 4 months ago, was deemend impossible.

Now onto the rumors. The big one is that Francis Ford Coppola's next film, Tetro, will be premiering at the festival. The most interesting thing about that film, aside from the story and cast (featuring Vincent Gallo), is that it will be released in Black and White, which as most of you do or should know, I'm a monster fan of.

Also in the Variety story, is the hint at the possibility of Werner Herzog's newest film, the Nic Cage fueled remake/reboot/sequel, Bad Lieutenant, will premiere in a special midnight slot. This may be one to hunt down reviews for, as it's sounding like a mixed bag of possibilities. Nic Cage in a remake directed by Herzog. Interesting? Yes. Possible mess? For sure.

What films are YOU looking forward to?

Go see something good!

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